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Victoria Beckham apparently didn’t get the memo.

If you’re going to wear a ridiculous see-through shirt, and titillate the masses, at least exhibit a measure of decency by wearing a bra underneath.

Like teen queen Hayden Panettiere before her, the lovely Kristin Cavallari wasn’t about to follow the former Spice Girl’s lead. See below, when Kristin was spotted out wearing a transparent, skin-tight black top the other night. 

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Not that we would have been devastated had she opted to go the Beckham route. But it’s good to see that the former Laguna Beach bad girl hasn’t lost her mind.

Kristin is presumably accompanied in this picture by boyfriend Nick Zano. We can’t say that with 100 percent certainty, though, having no real idea who Nick Zano is. The guy’s no Brody Jenner, that’s for sure.

But maybe that’s a good thing.

Anyway, some have criticized Kristin’s outfit for being too revealing, saying she’s just doing anything she can to cling to publicity, and she’s one step away from releasing a sex tape.

We say come on. Does this girl need to go Olivia Mojica style in order to stay in the spotlight? Heck no. With her looks and personality, she’ll have modeling and acting options foryears.