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Kirsten Dunst may be keeping quiet on her recent romance with rocker Johnny Borrell, but the Razorlight frontman is happy to spill the beans.

“I’m not hiding anything. We met in Los Angeles. We were hanging out at South by Southwest and we’ve been hanging out ever since,” the 26-year-old Brit told People at an L.A. press event celebrating the release of Razorlight’s new single, “America.”

What’s it like dating someone in the public eye?

Kirsten Dunst on Instagram

“I don’t think there’s any rules behind it. If you fall you fall. In life that’s what you do,” said the Cisco Adler look-alike. “You follow the things that you can’t resist and you go where you go. That’s falling in love.”

Britney Spears knows this all too well, following the likes of Kevin Federline into premature motherhood, substance abuse, crotch shots and depression.

Walking the red carpet alone Monday, the Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 actress has avoided questions about her new beau, but did confess a weakness for British men:

“They’re very charming — the accent is cute!”

She also likes shaggy actors.

She and Johnny Borrell arrived together at the premiere party for Spider-Man 3 at central London’s Freemason’s Hall and headed straight for the VIP area. Hidden from prying eyes behind a floor-to-ceiling iron web, they chatted with Dunst’s mom and costars, including Tobey Maguire.

“They looked really cozy together,” a fellow partygoer said.

Just after midnight, Dunst and Borrell snuck out through a side door and finished off the night at Borrell’s favorite pub, the Hawley Arms in London’s gritty Camden neighborhood.

This wasn’t the lovebirds’ first time in London together: Kirsten Dunst visited Borrell there in March while he was on a break from touring.

And it most likely won’t be there last: Dunst is due to spend most of the summer there working on an upcoming project. Nice!

So besides that cute British accent, what appeals to Dunst about Johnny Borrell?

“She loves his music so definitely an attraction there,” says a pal. “He’s funny too. He has a great sense of humor and keeps her laughing – that’s what’s important to her.”