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While guys across the country dream of Jennifer Love Hewitt nude, the actress herself dreams of a life without lawsuits.

Maybe each side will see their wises come true. But not today.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed against the sexy TV star. The suit, filed Friday in a Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims Hewitt owes her former management company for brokering the seven-year deal for her hit show The Ghost Whisperer.

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There’s no word on whether or not it’ll accept photos of former Party of Five co-star, Lacey Chabert.

In court docs obtained by TMZ, Handprint Management alleges that Love breached her contract, while also claiming her career had been stalled prior to landing a role on the hit series. They say their work brought her “back to national prominence as a television star.”

Come on. That’s like saying Katie Price getting a boob job is the only reason she’s well-known.

Hewitt cut ties with Handprint in March 2005, but the lawsuit claims that her big deal for Ghost was struck on their watch. Handprint also says Hewitt paid them in full for the first season of her hit show, but refused to pay for season two.

The suit is seeking a minimum of $350,000 in damages. The company may hire a ripped Jessica Biel to force the cash from JLH.