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Forgive us for being grossed out over the idea of Lacey Chabert nude.

To us, she’ll always be the little girl from Party of Five. And the only actress from that show we wanna see in the buff is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Nevertheless, Lacey has grown up. Just read what she has to say in an interview with Maxim below:

In your new movie, you’re being terrorized by a maniac who’s been locked in an attic. Do you survive?
I can’t say. But I do have one really cool scene where I go under the house to reset the circuit breaker and he chases me. I’m crawling through the mud on my stomach, trying to get away, and I have mud in my eyes, in my teeth, up my nose…I was sneezing mud for two days after that.

Sexy. Is there a horror flick that scarred you for life?

Chucky really freaked me out. At the time my little brother had one of those My Buddy dolls that looked just like Chucky [sort of like Clay Aiken does]. My sisters would torture us with it. They’d prop him up at night with a butter knife in his arm so he’d be sitting there like that when we woke up.

You’ve grown up a lot since Party of Five. What was it like being an awkward teen on national television?
I had to go through everything on that show – my first kiss, my first bra. I was 11 when it started and a late bloomer. They wrote an episode about how I’m changing in the locker room in junior high and all the other girls have bras, but I’m just in a little undershirt, so I get a Wonderbra and stuff it. I had a fitting to figure out what they’d stuff my bra with – tissue, silicone, padding. For a week everyone analyzed how I looked with boobs and said maybe I should grow some one day.

Looks like you took that advice to heart.
Yeah, when they finally arrived, they came with a vengeance.

Your character on the show, Claudia, was such a goody two-shoes. Did you ever want her to cut loose?
In the last two seasons, I was drinking and smoking, all those teen things. There was one scene where I was supposed to be drunk, and in the hair-and-makeup trailer beforehand they gave me a glass of red wine. I was 17, and I’m pretty strait-laced, so I’d never had a drink before. I held my nose and just downed it. I got so drunk I couldn’t remember my dialogue. After the scene everyone applauded! I don’t think anyone knew the truth. I actually got sick the next day just from that and haven’t cared for alcohol since.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Sort of like her Mean Girls co-star, Lindsay Lohan. Only the exact opposite.

That’s a shame. Do you have any vices at all?
I’m really bad about not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Whoa, reckless!
They call it the California roll, because instead of coming to a full stop you just slow down to, like, five miles per hour and then keep rolling through. But I’ve only gotten one ticket in my life, for an illegal U-turn. There was nobody on the road…except for a cop on a motorcycle right behind me.

Do you get that kind of attention when you go back home to Mississippi?

It’s more relaxing there. You can go to a coffee shop in your sweatpants and no one cares. Though everyone in my hometown thinks Hollywood is so small. They think I live next door to J.Lo and hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who would want to hang out with that guy?
He was the first person who ever made me completely speechless. I had a huge crush on him when I was 14. I was coming back to the Four Seasons after the premiere of my first movie, Lost in Space, and he was in the elevator. I was silent all the way up to the 18th floor. When he got out I started crying, I was so overwhelmed.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: So is Bar Refaeli.

Aside from being Leonardo DiCaprio, how can a guy impress you?
The true test is if he’s willing to go shopping with me. Will you go shopping, and will you hold the purse while I’m looking around and trying stuff on? He should be interactive and make comments, too, rather than reiterating how bored he is.

Would a pickup line ever work on you?

At least be creative. None of this, “That shirt will really look good on my floor,” or, “All those curves and no brakes?” Somebody said that to me in Target. I was like, “First of all, we’re in Target. Second of all, that’s so cheesy!” I couldn’t help but laugh, though.