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The men finally took center stage on American Idol last night.

Not literally, of course. All contestants sang from the middle of the stage – but the guys were more impressive than the gals for the first time this season. For whatever reason, British invasion night certainly agreed with Blake Lewis, for starters.

He sang “Time of the Season” by the Zombies and was right on tune throughout.

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The other male to nail his performance was Chris Sligh, also pleasing fans of the Zombies with “She’s Not There.”

No, we hadn’t heard of these tunes, either. The only modern Brit we’re particularly familiar with is Leona Lewis. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying last night’s show.

In female news, Melinda Doolittle was solid as usual. Her song just seemed boring. There is a chance that Stephanie Edwards is voted out tonight, however, as Simon suggested she was “losing her soul.” That’s never fun.

Finally, Sanjaya Malakar was ear-drum-bleeding awful again. But the kiddies love him.