Wife of Scott Weiland Charged With Arson, Vandalism

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The wife of Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly burning his clothes outside their Southern California home, police said.

The alleged torching took place on Saturday after the two had fought at a nearby luxury hotel, which the couple left vandalized (Johnny Depp would undoubtedly be proud).

Scott Weiland Mug Shot

Mary Weiland, 31, was taken into custody after officers responded to a call on Saturday night that a female was setting clothes on fire at their home, said Sgt. Mathew Ferguson.

Police found a trash can full of smoldering clothes. Scott Weiland, 39, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, told police that his wardrobe was worth at least $10,000.

If only someone would torch Britney Spears' hideous wardrobe. Anyway. The alleged vandalism occurred at the boutique Graciela Hotel on Pass Avenue in Burbank earlier Saturday.

"Both rooms had damage and items scattered, broken plates and things. It was looking definitely like items were deliberately destroyed," Ferguson said.

Damage was said to be in excess of $400, or roughly the amount of money Tara Conner used to spend on alcohol per evening.

Once officers arrived, Mary Weiland, who was at the hotel with the couple's two children, Lucy, 4, and Noah, 6, voluntarily went to the police station to give a statement. Scott Weiland and his attorney later appeared to give a statement as well.

"She is a suspect in the vandalism. He is not," Ferguson said.

Well, that's fairly clear cut. Much like that sleaze bag Howard K. Stern being a suspect in murdering Anna Nicole Smith, while Larry Birkhead is not.

No charges were filed, though police say the hotel owners would have to decide if they wished to prosecute Mary Weiland for vandalism.

Mary will probably get a light sentence of community service. Maybe she can get some pointers from Naomi Campbell?