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We apologize ahead of time for this edition of Photo Finish.

Typically, we aim to give readers a challenge, to pit two reasonably attractive celebrities against each other in some type of fashion face-off. Half nude Kim Kardashian vs. haf nude Matthew McConaughey? There’s a battle!

Christina Aguilera vs. Fergie? You can’t really lose, either way.

Kimberly Stewart Image
Photo via Michael Wright/

Conversely, we’re not sure how anyone can win when Kimberly Stewart is involved. The spoiled daughter of rock legend Rod likes to curse random people off, as well as pole dance really badly. Quite the combination.

She only stands a chance in this Boone’s Farm T-shirt tussle because her competition is Cisco Adler. The Weird Al-lookalike is really only known for two things:

  1. Dating Mischa Barton
  2. Taking awful nude pictures

In other words: Good luck voting, readers!