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We hope Brad Pitt doesn’t feel threatened by his new son. After all, word on the adoption street is that the two are very similar.

The director of the Tam Binh Orphanage says that Pax Thien Jolie has a personality more similar to his easy-going new father, rather than his intense mother.

“I think he is like Brad Pitt rather than [Angelina Jolie],” says Nguyen Van Trung, who met the actor when he visited the orphanage in November 2006. “Brad Pitt is very easy.”

Brad Pitt Pax Jolie-Pitt Venice 2006
(Getty Images)

We’re gonna assume he means “easy going.”

After all, Lindsay Lohan is closer to “very easy” than Pitt is.

Trung recounted what it was like to say goodbye to the 3-year-old boy he used to call Pham Quang Sang (renamed by Jolie). “He cried so hard that I wanted to scold him. But Jolie stopped me,” Trung admitted. “She patiently soothed him for almost 20 minutes.”

He also revealed that the child suffered from health problems as a baby, although they later disappeared. “When he was born, he had some liver problem. But 15 months after birth, there was no sign of it,” he said. “Pax Thien Jolie is totally healthy now.”

Which is more than we can say about the lifestyle of Britney Spears.