Pamela Anderson Prefers the Single Life ... For Now

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No wonder Kimberly Stewart is pole dancing these days.

Along with millions of other women, she knows the pressure is on to lure men in before Pamela Anderson goes back on the market.

Pam and Man

For now, the former Baywatch beauty is staying single.

"I've tried to remarry â€" move on â€" like any other single mom I've tried to create a healthy example for my kids always," Anderson writes in a new posting on her online diary.

"That's why I realized early on that we are better off on our own right now," says Anderson.

Her divorce from Kid Rock after a four-month marriage became official on February 1.

While she says her sons with first husband Tommy Lee â€" Brandon, 10, and Dylan Jagger, 9 â€" are "completely well adjusted and happy and thriving," Anderson says their dad "has been in their lives in a productive but small way over the years."

Professionally, Anderson says she is set to head back to the beach for a new show from the makers of Baywatch, to be called Malibu â€" which she describes as "Flamingo Kid meets Baywatch.

"I can't say no to the guys from Baywatch â€" they are great to my kids â€" my schedule is built around theirs â€" just a few days a week â€" I'm close to home," she says.

And we'll assume her giant boobs are on full display. So who are we to argue?

Pam is also shooting a movie with Denise Richards that we're sure won't be very funny.


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I think she is a bitch and whore.

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