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Get ready for our next headline: Nun Actually Likes Tricia Helfer Nude Pics.

You see, Michael Corcoran is a music critic in Austin, Texas. Supposedly, he knows a lot about the industry as Lauren Conrad knows about fashion.

So he obviously despises Sanjaya Malakar, right? Right?!? Actually …

“My ears and eyes must be deceiving me; Sanjaya is not bad at all. From what I heard on Howard Stern and all the piling on in the office on Wednesday mornings, the kid was this year’s William Hung, a big joke that he wasn’t in on,” the critic somehow sad.

“But I called up a couple of his performances on YouTube and he sang on pitch, had a cool look and seemed to be having a blast. Huge careers have been built on less.”

“Stop making this 17-year-old kid your scapegoat, you Sanjaya-hatas. I mean, aren’t you the people that gave us the indistinguishable Taylor Hicks? Without Sanjaya, this would be one of the most forgettable [American Idol] seasons.”

Corcoran makes a decent point. But he’s obviously forgotten that Antonella Barba photos have already made this a memorable season of the FOX show.

And if Haley Scarnato continues to sing well and be hot, you never know what the American Idol future will bring.