Hollywood's Hottest Spot: Going into Hyde-ing?

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Don't worry, rich, important, drunk people:

Hyde isn't going anywhere.

The night club still exists, but a recent trip there by Warren Beatty has led many to wonder if this former hot spot - home to such Hollywood hotties such as Kristin Cavallari - has seen its best days pass it by.

Let's relive them now:

- Brandon Davis Calls Lindsay Lohan "Firecrotch"
Who could forget the drunken slur that shook the world? Certainly not Lindsay Lohan, now that the world has confirmation that the drapes do, in fact, match the rug.

- Nicole Richie Collapses in the Middle of the Bar
This is totally normal for someone not running the Boston Marathon or anything.

- Jessica Simpson Shows Up and Sees Her Ex Husband and His New GF
Nick Lachey
meant well. But at least Jess can now get him back: just play a song by new boy toy, John Mayer.

- Shanna Moakler Smacks Up Paris Hilton
Don't be a Band-Aid unless you want to wear one - at least that's what we think Dancing with the Stars' Shanna Moakler was contemplating when she "ran into" Paris Hilton after seeing her and Shanna's soon-to-be ex husband, Blink 182's Travis Barker, making out in paparazzi pics.

- We see Britney Spears' crotch. Enough said.