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A year ago at this time, few people knew who Hayden Panettiere was, let alone how to pronounce her last name (pen-eh-TEER).

Yet the 17-year-old has become a certified Hollywood “it” girl, starring in NBC’s smash hit, Heroes, as well as in various films and launching a singing career!

She’s even been spotted hanging with Paris Hilton – the true sign that you’ve hit the big time. Or need to check into rehab ASAP. Sorry. We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, we know.

Hayden in 2019

In any event, here’s timeline of the brief career of Hayden Panettiere, a star you’ll surely be hearing a lot more from in the coming years

September 25, 2006: Makes one of the best debuts in TV history �” jumping off a building, snapping her body back together, then doing it all over again! That’s right, Hayden Panettiere made heads turn (on many levels) as the indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes.

November 1: As her star rises, Hayden Panettiere officially moves from Palisades, N.Y., to L.A. along with her parents and younger brother.

November 3: Poses for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Inside, she tells the mag she celebrated her hit show’s success by buying a Porsche and nearly running over Kanye West. Now that would have been heroic.

November 14: Photographed at L.A. eatery and mandatory paparazzi stop, Koi, holding hands with J.R. Rotem. Yes, that J.R. Rotem. The music producer whose 15 minutes of fame felt like 15 seconds after he hooked up with Britney Spears one night last fall.


December 4: Hangs out with that skank Paris Hilton at VH1’s Big in ’06 Awards. Ick. And, in the creepiest pairing of the night, Panettiere presents an award with sleazy 44-year-old Tommy Lee, who tells her (no joke) to call him when she turns 18. The man is a class act.

THG NOTE: That’s August 21, 2007.

December: Becomes the new Neutrogena cover girl!

December: Stars with Anthony LaPaglia in The Architect, one of her first dramatic leading roles in a feature film.

December 14: Adopts a cause �” online safety, in the 2 Smart 4U ad campaign. In the ads, Hayden warms teenagers of the dangers lurking on the Internets. Like Perez Hilton, we’re guessing.

Jaunary 3, 2007: Photographed at LAX with a mountain of luggage and rocking a sweatshirt that exclaims “Little Miss Bad.” We are liking this!

January 9: Celebrates with castmates when Heroes wins for Best New TV Drama at the People’s Choice Awards.

February: Poses for Vanity Fair in a white bathing suit reminiscent of a 1950s-era Marilyn Monroe. It’s attractive, yet it makes us feel dirty. You know, the usual.

February 6: While shopping, bumps into Kristin Cavallari, who used to date Stephen Colletti, who’s reportedly dating Panettiere. DRAMA!

May: Her debut album, still untitled, is slated to hit stores. The producer? J.R. Rotem. We don’t have high hopes for the record, but we guarantee it’s better than anything Sanjaya Malakar will ever produce.