Diddy Longs For Absent Snoop Dogg

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The party went on for Sean Combs Tuesday night.

But following the cancellation of his London concert with Snoop Dogg, the man better known as Diddy says it just isn't the same without his pal.

Doggy Dogg

"I am going through Snoop withdrawal right now. I miss him a lot," Diddy told People Tuesday at a party he threw at Paper in London.

Snoop and Diddy are currently on a European tour and had been expected to play five dates in Britain, but their One Love Peace Tour UK was unexpectedly sidelined.

Why? Snoop Dogg, who was arrested in London last year, was banned from the country.

Hey. These things happen when you're Snoop Dogg.

"We are going to get together in Dublin and we will be back here," Diddy said. "We are going to work everything out so that we can come back because I think we can have a positive impact."

Still, Diddy partied on without his friend, and helped Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas celebrate her 32nd birthday.

"I am 32. It is wonderful. I have had so many experiences so I am happy to be 32," said the singer, accompanied by boyfriend Josh Duhamel.

"You can't have a party on the same night that Diddy is having a party. You can't compete, so expect me to join it. He is a really good friend of mine. He throws the best parties."

He also throws a good left hook, we're told.

Diddy, who has some time to kill in London until his concerts in Dublin on Saturday and Sunday, said he has been hanging out with David and Victoria Beckham. On Monday night, he was spotted out dining with the pair.

"We're both at the top of our game. A lot of people BS us all the time, but we really just check on each other," Diddy said of David Beckham. "He is a real cat. A lot of people you meet, you know, they ain't really real."

Interestingly, that's what a lot of people have said about Posh's huge breasts.

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