Victoria Beckham's Breasts: Take Cover!

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Thank goodness for giant boobs.

Without them, life would get a little dull around here, that's for sure. And in the case of Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham, that sublime rack poses not only bewilderment, but its share of unanswered questions.

Victoria Beckham Fashion

How does anyone focus on anything but those boobs when talking to her? Do they require their own area code, like the double-Ns of the late Anna Nicole Smith? Is Posh's seemingly perfect body that of a hot cyborg?

We may never know. But pity poor Romeo and Brooklyn, the spawn of Posh and hubby David Beckham. They're just minding their own business, sure, but they're in the danger zone right now. Because if there's one we've learned in eight-plus months on the job here at The Hollywood Gossip dot com, it's that enormous breasts are a force to be reckoned with.


Victoria Beckham Quotes

I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles.

Victoria Beckham

I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.

Victoria Beckham [on her husband vs. George Clooney]