Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Kidnapping Plot

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In a harrowing, real life drama that rivals any of her movies, Angelina Jolie, admits to News of the World that authorities in a foreign country she won't name uncovered an elaborate plan to abduct the actress.

"It was in a small village. I won't say where, or with whom, but some gangsters planned to kidnap me and extort a massive ransom, " Jolie confesses to the British paper. "I was warned at the last minute, and managed to escape, luckily."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes

As a result of the incident, Brad Pitt has expressed concern for the safety of the couple's family, including children Maddox, 5, two-year old Zahara, and nine-month-old Shiloh Nouvel.

"I don't want to act like the Mother Teresa of Hollywood," Jolie says. "But I want to help where there is poverty and destruction. I love Brad very much and on our trips we pull together as a team. Things only get difficult when it affects our children."

The protective parents do try to shield their children from the dangers of the world, such as kidnapping or interactions with Sienna Miller.

Still, this won't stop the mother-on-a-mission from traveling to underprivileged countries in an effort to fight injustice. Jolie became an ambassador for the UN in August 2001 and has since been to more than 20 countries around the world on its behalf.

Jolie and Pitt are currently in the process of expanding their family, as they plan to adopt a toddler from Vietnam. Jolie credits motherhood with making her a better person.

"It made me feel like a complete woman," she says. "At times in my life I was lost, without a purpose, now I'm more grounded."

Okay, that settles it: Someone get Hilary Duff a kid ASAP before she stars selling herself on a street corner.

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