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When we walked into The Hollywood Gossip offices this morning, we didn’t exactly think we’d be bringing you Vanilla Ice news.

We didn’t see the Kim Kardashian sex tape coming either, of course. That’s how it goes in this business: every day is a unique, exciting adventure.

But back to the Ice Man. The rapper, who may hold the record for fastest, hardest fall from stardom (and who Suge Knight once dangled over a balcony for fun), is apparently still alive. And dropping phat rhymes about taxes, dogz!

Yes. has hired Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle (look it up) to host the “Tax Rap Contest” on, “providing fun-loving taxpayers nationwide a shot at their own Grammy-worthy performance and $25,000 in winnings.”

To kick off the contest, Vanilla Ice has unveiled an original music video “inspired by his own personal tax-filing experiences” on the glory that is YouTube. He wants you to get your tax on with tha Turbo tax mojo! Peep it:


We can dig it. Hey, as Kevin Federline showed us during the Super Bowl, D-List white rappers and financial services offer a great recipe for success.