Jennifer Garner to Britney Spears, Howard K. Stern: This is How You Parent!

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With all due respect to Howard K. Stern (i.e. absolutely none whatsoever), there are better examples of celebrity parenting skills than this shady lawyer has recently depicted.

Take Jennifer Garner, for example.

The actress has proven, time and again, that her most appropriate alias is "great mother." Seen here, J-Garn is playing around with adorable baby, Violet. Mother and daughter have even made a new little friend.

Heck, it could be Jayden James Federline for all we know. It's not like we've seen pictures of him yet. Or like Britney Spears has a clue where the tyke is.

As numerous, evil people (yes, we're looking at you, Prince Frederick von Anhalt and Virgie Arthur) fight for custody of poor, lonely Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, we have an idea:

Give her to Garner. Even with Ben Affleck as a father, the girl will stand a great chance of growing up happily.


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