Rebecca Romijn Brings Beauty to Ugly Betty

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No offense to America Ferrera or anything.

She's a very lovely actress.

Rebecca Romijn, Got Milk

And her boyfriend/possible fiance, Ryan Piers Williams, can certainly vouch for that.

But there are few women anywhere on the planet better looking than Rebecca Romijn, as evidenced by this shot of her talking on the phone during a scene in Ugly Betty.

The actress, of course, used to be married to Full House star John Stamos, dropping the hyphenated portion of her last name after the couple divorced.

We're not here to speculate on the reason behind that break-up - but it's safe to assume Romijn wanted to distance herself from Mary-Kate Olsen as much as possible.

Bob Saget certainly understands.

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The beautiful actress has also done her share of modeling. Now, Rebecca Romijn is starring on Ugly Betty and looking pretty. As a model,... More »
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