Johnny Knoxville Approves of Alyssa Milano's Rack

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Okay, so the gratuitous gawking below is not in the same league as what we recently observed from Diddy's indiscreet inspection of Jessica Biel's booty.

In fact, the ogling below appears to be happening blatantly, with no shame in being caught in the act. And while such behavior seems like the antithesis of class, what did you expect?

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

We are talking about Johnny Knoxville, after all. The Jackass is wearing a Pabst Blue Ribbon button-down shirt for crying out loud. Anyone who dresses like that (or rolls down the street into oncoming traffic while strapped inside a shopping cart) has certainly earned the right to check out Alyssa Milano's chest.

These two would actually make a cute couple. Maybe not as much as Knoxville look-alike Josh Duhamel and Fergie, but still. Wonder if Johnny took Alyssa to Bam Margera's wedding?

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