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Who’s the boss of Justin Timberlake?

We know it’s not Cameron Diaz anymore – but could it be a former flame?

The Grammy Award-nominated singer enjoyed an early Saturday morning game of hotel basketball with a pair of lovely ladies over the weekend. One of them, Alyssa Milano, used to get her sexy back on with JT in 2002.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Throwback
Photo via Getty Images

After his Friday night concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Timberlake hit the Jet nightclub with his entourage, where he danced with Milano and chatted with Eva Longoria.

The Hollywood Gossip writers just realized we chose the wrong profession.

At 4:00 a.m. the crew headed to an after-after party at the Palms’ Hardwood Suite in the hotel’s new 347-room Fantasy Tower. The $25,000-a-night, 10,000-square suite features an indoor basketball court, complete with scoreboard and locker room.

The previous weekend, Timberlake’s ex, Britney Spears, stayed at the Fantasy Tower’s $40,000-a-night, two-story Hugh Hefner Sky Villa with new beau Isaac Cohen. It’s a small, beautiful world.

“Justin played basketball for quite a while with Eva and Alyssa,” says a source. He and about 100 other revelers “stayed there for a couple hours.”

Timberlake and Milano are NOT back together, however, the source also says. They were spotted clubbing in L.A. and playing golf together, but “right now they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. They are just having a good time.”

Just “right now,” huh? Looks like Scarlett Johansson might have some competition on her hot hands.