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First, Kevin Federline.

Now, Donald Trump.

It seems like everyone, from the trailer trash to the penthouse elite, wants to enter the WWE ring.

Donald Trump in NJ
Photo via Getty

K-Fed actually held his own against WWE champion, John Cena.

At Wrestlemania 23, we’ll see if Trump can do the same when a competitor of his choosing goes up against one selected by WWE chairman, Vince McMahon. The man whose representative loses must shave his head.

How badly do you think Rosie O’Donnell is angling to have a say in that match?

Anyway, we’ll let you know the final outcome. But our money is on The Donald. Maybe he’ll get Tara Conner nude to be in his corner and distract the opponent.

Or he’ll bribe his way to victory. Either way, we can’t picture Trump with a shaved head. He’d look worse than Cisco Adler naked.