Kevin Federline Scores Victory On WWE RAW

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With chants of "We want Britney" raining down upon him from the crowd, the unflappable Kevin Federline returned to the WWE ring for a much-anticipated matchup against John Cena last night on RAW.

The estranged husband of Britney Spears wore a boxer's robe to the ring, but wrestled in a white T-shirt and khaki shorts. What transpired was at times confusing, and at times thrilling, as K-Fed was beaten repeatedly. Here's the official report on his appearance on last night's WWE RAW:


K. Fed as a Dad

He got on a mic before heading to the ring and said that the Coach had made a little change to their match... it's now no-DQ (and still non-title). He then introduced his personal trainer and friend, Johnny Nitro.

In the early going, the champ picked K-Fed up and placed him on the second turnbuckle. Nitro tried to get involved, but John Cena easily disposed of him. Federline snuck up and gave Cena a low blow, but Cena no-sold it and put him in his patented "F-U" position (above).

At that point, Umaga and AAE showed up to bail out FedEx and assault Cena. Umaga beat the hell out of Cena, blasting him with the championship belt. The crowd chanted for Cena, but it didn't prevent Umaga from blasting the champ right between the eyes.

Estrada screamed that they'd see Cena on Sunday. Kevin Federline made the cover and scored the pin. K-Fed officially defeated Cena at 4:55.

In K-Fed's dressing room, the Coach showed up and joined the party. Coach said it was a New Year and that Cena would spend the year being embarrassed by all of them. Thus, he made a 4-on-1 handicap match, pitting Cena against Umaga, Nitro, Coach, and Armando.


Following this is almost as confusing as trying to figure out who Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari dated and when, but it sounds as if America's Most Hated received some help in defeating his wrestling nemesis. We'll see if K-Fed returns to the ring in the near future - Cena is definitely going to want some revenge.

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