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Somebody, make them stop.

At least Donald Trump had the courtesy to quietly write a letter in his never-ending feud with Rosie O’Donnell.

But The View co-host and her elder cohort, Barbara Walters, rattled on about The Donald this morning, concluding with the most awkward high-five since Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in Rocky III.

Rosie at Premiere
Photo via Getty Images for Showtime

We don’t have the energy to talk about it anymore. Read the transcript for yourself:

Rosie O’Donnell: Well — he’s at it again. [laughter] How about that Barbara? You OK?

Barbara Walters: I’m OK, darling. You OK?

Rosie: I’m OK, too. We both OK? What can you say about that guy?

Walters: That poor, pathetic man.

Rosie: Yes! [cheers and applause] Sister-friend, give me a high-five!

Maybe, just maybe, this is the end. The Hollywood Gossip would like to go back to writing about topics that really matter.

Like whether or not Isaac Cohen has more staying power than J.R Rotem.