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The world better be ready for Chad Lowe.

Now that he’s moving on from ex-wife, Hilary Swank, and starring on TV’s hottest show, there’s no telling what the actor will do next. For now, though, he’s happy with new leading lady, producer Kim Painter.

“She’s a lovely person,” Lowe told People magazine. “It’s a very new relationship.”

Lowe’s last go arund with the two-time Oscar-winner. was higher-profile. But he denies her success – or any nude Hilary Swank photos – contributed to the marriage’s demise.

“I was always proud of her achievements,” he said. “It’s true that I was less than inspired by the opportunities coming my way as an actor. But that in no way negated my support or admiration for all she’s accomplished.”

The couple separated after eight years of marriage, and announced in May they were divorcing. It’s a fate Eva Longoria and Tony Parker certainly hope to avoid after they tie the knot.

In July, Swank told Vanity Fair that Lowe’s impression of Tara Conner substance abuse prevented them from being “completely solid.”

“I was disappointed with her decision to go public with my sobriety,” said Lowe. “But I don’t deny that I had a problem and that it strained our relationship. Was this the reason it ended? No. I’ve been sober for nearly four years and have never felt better. (I’m) forever grateful to Hilary for her support.”

Now, however, he’s focused on his 24 role, which he calls “thrilling,” and his relationship with Painter.

We just hope it doesn’t distract Lowe for helping Jack Bauer save the world. Would be a shame if it did.