Rachel McAdams: On Board for Batman

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We were pretty much already sold on the next Batman movie once Heath Ledger signed up as The Joker.

Then, we heard that Scientology slave, Katie Holmes, had bowed out of production and we were looking to buy tickets months in advance.

Rachel McAdams Pic

Now, reports are circulating that the young actress taking Mrs. Cruise's place is none other than Rachel McAdams. We McLove her. Buy us a tub of popcorn and save us front row seats, please.

Seen here, McAdams is with boyfriend and rumored fiance, Ryan Gosling. They're one of our favorite couples, no question.

While anything involving Diddy and Sienna Miller just seems dirty, this twosome ooze cuteness.

We wish them nothing but the best.

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Rachel McAdams Pic
We love Rachel McAdams! So does Ryan Gosling, reportedly. But maybe we still have a chance with this cute actress. Eh, probably not. But... More »
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