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They were everyone’s favorite fake couple in The Notebook.

Then, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling got together in real life.

Then, they broke up. Now, they’re reportedly an engaged couple again.

Rachel McAdams Claps
Photo via Getty Images

It’s enough to make Jude Law and Sienna Miller look normal. Almost.

An insider tells Life & Style the couple are finally re-engaged and back to making long-term plans together after a “touchy” reconciliation period, during which neither was sure of their decision.

“Ryan didn’t have to repropose,” says the insider. “He and Rachel just agreed it was time to think about getting married again because they had worked out their problems.

Ryan says he’s thrilled that Rachel is wearing her engagement ring again, which Ryan gave her early in 2005.

It was always a secret engagement, and they will never confirm it publicly, but it’s back on, and they’re happy again, planning some family vacations together and doing the private-party rounds to support Ryan’s role in Half Nelson.”

Shockingly, the pair won’t be following in the insane, public footsteps of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

“Ryan says they’re looking for a good time to slip away and do it,” says the insider, “and he’s even said New Year’s might be the perfect time for him and Rachel to make things permanent.”

Sounds exciting! We just hope Britney Spears and Jonathan Rotem are next in line. It’s about time she settled down again.