Non-Nude Keeley Hazell Photos are Still Hot

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There are some celebrity sex tapes we cannot confirm the existence of.

Come on, Kim Kardashian come clean already. Pun, sort of intended.

Keeley Hazell, Fully Dressed

But Keeley Hazell is proud enough of her body - and skills - to circulate a video of herself and a piece of man candy. After seeing the pictures below, we understand why.

You might wanna sit down for these, fellas. You also might wanna thank The Hollywood Gossip - between these pics and the Eva Longoria nude photos previously published, we're almost too kind.


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When it comes to Keeley Hazell, boobs and lingerie are pretty much the order every day. She has starred in a sex tape and taking her... More »
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Keeley Hazell

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My boob once slipped out when I was talking to a bloke.

Keeley Hazell

The sun makes me frisky.

Keeley Hazell