It's Tough to be Hilary Duff

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This wasn't always the case. Hilary Duff used to be a happy-go-lucky child star.

She pitched in for charity. She hated being stalked. She dyed her hair. Good times were had by all.

Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff

But times have grown gruff for Duff. Not only did she break up with Joel Madden, she's been forced to watch him snuggle up to an flimsy waif with a vicotin addiction.

Indeed, Madden is now dating Nicole Richie. If he can find her, that is (that was an anorexic joke). You'd look as glum as Hilary appears in this picture, too, if you lost your man to a girl that weighs less than many newborns.

But keep that chin up, Hilary. At least you're not Janice Dickinson.

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