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Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, who is expecting twins in April, has been put on bed rest by her doctor, her spokeswoman said Wednesday.

“This is a precautionary measure only,” publicist Heidi Slan said.

Producers of the hit ABC series, on which Cross plays that uptight biatch Bree Van De Kamp, have decided to move production at the end of this week to the actress’ Los Angeles home for two days.

David Hans Schmidt is probably scheming right now about how he can get into the house and start combing around for nude Marcia Cross pictures. Maybe he can show up and pretend he’s one of the grips or production assistants.

The show’s producers did not write Cross’ pregnancy into the show’s plot, and the actress will film only two more shows after February 11 since it’s becoming too difficult to hide her pregnancy.

Cross and husband Tom Mahoney, a stock broker, married in June 2006 after a two-year courtship. The two announced they were expecting a baby only a few months thereafter.

We love all celebrity babies here at T.H. Gossip, but twins are double the fun. They sure are all the rage these days, huh? First, it was Kim Porter and Diddy. Now it’s Marcia Cross. And in another month, Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey!