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At the Hollywood Gossip, a large portion of our news coverage is dedicated to stars who fall into one (or more) of the following three categories:

  1. Anorexic waifs (Nicole Richie)
  2. No-talent hacks (Ashlee Simpson)
  3. Slow-moving train wrecks (Britney Spears)

That said, we sometimes like to divert attention away from those people and focus on stars who can be classified as none of the above. As soon as we came across these Jennifer Garner pictures from this month’s Elle magazine, we knew it was one of those times.

Jennifer Garner 4eva
(Getty Images)

There are plenty of stars we love to hate. But with an adorable baby, a terrific career, a body that doesn’t resemble a stick figure and a husband (Ben Affleck) who is sometimes annoying, but generally a good guy, Jennifer is one of those Hollywood stars we love to love.

Go Bennifer!