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The woman who filed the domestic violence complaint against sportscaster Jim Lampley claims he repeatedly threw her against the wall of her apartment after drinking heavily and smoking pot.

In documents obtained by, Candice Sanders claims that on New Year’s Eve, Lampley and his son Aaron joined her for dinner. Sanders says she was engaged to Lampley, who lived with her in the apartment.

Sanders alleges that after dinner, Lampley “was drinking vodka and whiskey and became drunk.”

Sanders, who was crowned Miss California USA in 2003, says in the complaint that the trouble began when she wanted to finish watching a movie. Lampley then “pulled me from the sofa I was on” and “began to yell at me and chased me around the apartment.”

Sanders says at that point all hell broke loose.

“He grabbed me and threw me against a wall. He then threw me against another wall. He then threw me against the door and I collapsed.”

Sanders goes on to say that 14-year-old Aaron saw her on the floor and she asked him to call the police. She writes in the document:

“Jim beat Aaron to the phone and kept Aaron from getting [to the phone]. She says Lampley then drove away with Aaron. Sanders claims she suffered head, neck and back injuries.”

After channeling his inner O.J. Simpson (save for two murders and a book bragging about them) the 57-year-old Lampley was placed under arrest Wednesday night on one felony count of domestic violence. He was also arrested for two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order and dissuading a witness.

Yikes. We have two questions:

  1. How does anyone, regardless of the situation, think it’s okay to assault a woman like this?
  2. How the hell did Jim Lampley get Miss California 2003? He’s a middle-aged, random HBO boxing announcer. Bob Costas, we could understand, but Jim Lampley?

Come on now. This is like John Leguizamo dating Miss USA, Tara Conner. Or some kid named Jason Alexander marrying Britney Spears. Just completel nonsense. Oh, wait…

Anyway, for no reason at all, here are some Candice Sanders pictures we found.