Shakira: My Hips Don't Lie (Just Ask 'Em)!

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Shakira is many things to many people.

Mostly, though, she's the Colombian singing star whose hips absolutely can not and will not tell a lie. Just ask the hips themselves. They're totally thinking it...

Shakira Fashion Pic

Thanks for clearing that up, hips. It's really good to see that in America, a land where little is sacred and the headlines are dominated by the crotch and breasts of another famous pop star, there are still some body parts out there that are pure as the driven snow.

And man, can those hips dance! Hell, they could lie to us all night long and we wouldn't give a damn. But Shakira isn't all style. She's substance, too - just ask the gargantuan statue of her that was recently erected (har har). Or the charitable foundation she established to help fight global poverty. Go Shakira! We love you!


Shakira Biography

Shakira is pretty much as sexy as it gets. In case you haven't heard, her hips do not lie. This is the highest-selling Colombian-born... More »
Barranquilla, Colombia
Full Name
Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll