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Our friends at have posted an interview with America's Next Top Model, CariDee English. Here are a few excerpts from it:

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What were you doing before Top Model?
I was working as a photographer in Fargo!

Have you always aspired to be a model?
Oh, absolutely! I've always loved the camera, always looked to perform and everything.

You won, you're the new Cover Girl! How does it all feel right now? A little overwhelming?
No, it's awesome! It's a little overwhelming just considering how busy I am and I'm not used that. But it's not a bad overwhelming, it's awesome. I feel so lucky and so blessed.

What was the final runway show like? Was there an audience? How many people turned our? It was a little hard to tell on TV.
Yeah it was hard for us too because it was so dark. You know, like, the audience was dark. But it was a good crowd and it was actually a lot longer that what they showed; we ran each dress like two times.

How nervous were you?
Oh, it was absolutely nerve racking. Everything was riding on it. I felt like everything before didn't really matter, besides that one.

If you hadn't ended up winning, who would you have wanted to win in your place? Who do you think besides you deserved to win?
I think everybody was a winner, but I think ... I can't say besides me, because I don't even want to think that way. I think definitely everybody had a great chance of winning, and it's not just about the title, it's what you make of it and what you make yourself out to be afterwards.

On the show, they portrayed a lot of tension between you and Melrose. Was that exaggerated by the producers at all or did you guys really just not get along?
Well it's not like we didn't get along. There was just tension because we were both really good competitors.

CariDee is a pretty cool name. Is there any meaning behind it?
My brother actually got to name me. He's four years older than me, so he named me Carrie after Little House on the Prairie. And then my Grandma's name is Dee, so they just combined it. It was awesome!