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How does Reichen Lehmkuhl respond to accusations of cheating and drug use? With more than just a MySpace blog!

The boyfriend of Lance Bass posted online again today, stating that many celebrities and their “attornies” [sic] have contacted him recently, prompting a brewing class action lawsuit against the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media, aka Mario Lavandeira.

Aka: Perez Hilton.

Perez Hilton Says Some Things

Reichen said: “It is not clear how the lawsuit will be structured, but we are committed … the goal of this lawsuit is to result in the stopping of your name being used in connection with untruths and gossip on the internet that obviously damage/ruin your name/reputation and lessen your ability to be successful in your profession.”

You tell him, Reichen!

We hold disdain for Perez and the haughty attitude he displays through his blog. It’s almost as though the mean man takes pleasure in the misfortune of those such as Lindsay Lohan.
Reichen is threatening to sue, after Perez posted a picture of him at the Dixie Chicks concert, claiming that Reichen’s dilated pupils were because he was under the influence of crystal meth.

Meanwhile, this threat of legal action adds to Perez’s legal woes: he’s currently being sued for $7.5 million by a photo agency for using their photos without authorization.