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An Australian woman is reportedly taking legal action against Mel Gibson to force the star to take a DNA test and prove she’s his secret daughter.

Carmel Sloane, 29, claims the millionaire actor made her mother pregnant on a mattress in the back of his car before he was famous 30 years ago.

And now her 10-year-old son, Jordan, bears a striking resemblance to his alleged grandfather, England’s News of the World reports.

A Hater of Jews
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“I’m not doing it for his money. I just want to meet the man I’ve always known was my dad — and for him to get to know his grandson,” Carmel Sloane said.

The Mel Gibson paternity suit is the latest blow for the, who was arrested for DUI and launched into an anti-Jewish tirade against cops this past summer.

The legal paperwork will be served on Gibson this week and he will either have to admit he’s the father or have a swab taken from inside his mouth for DNA testing.

Wow, this is as crazy as the whole Anna Nicole Smith ordeal. Actually, it’s not even in that league, because Anna Nicole Smith is f*%king insane. But still, this is odd.

Carmel Sloane (left) claims that in 1976, the young wannabe actor picked up her monther, Marilyn, as she was hitch-hiking in Australia.

Gibson, who now has seven children with his wife of 26 years, Robyn, hadn’t even made his first movie when he stopped for the blonde thumbing a lift to Sydney. The drive was very long and the two had to stop for the night and sleep in the car. They got it on in the back seat.

“When we stopped for the night Mel got in the back on the mattress but I stayed in the front. I said I didn’t trust him but to be honest I didn’t trust myself either! He was so sexy. I didn’t have any contraceptives with me and I hadn’t had much to do with guys,” Marilyn said.

“Eventually he persuaded me to join him in the back. I said, ‘If anything happens and I get pregnant I’ll come looking for you’. He replied, ‘I am going to be famous. You will always know where to find me.'”

We spent the night making love and talking. But when it got light Mel said he had to be back at work — in an orange juice factory in Adelaide.”

It’s good to see that in his youth, Mel was an even bigger player than J.R. Rotem. It’s also nice to see that 30 years later, Carmel Sloane is desperate to meet the star and director of Apocalypto, currently the number one film in the country.

“I have grown up being told Mel Gibson is my father. I’ve been told it for 20 years. I would like some kind of closure either way. I don’t want it to go on for another 20 years,” Carmel said.

The News of the World relayed these claims to Gibson’s representatives, but they failed to respond. Shockingly. Guess he isn’t willing to emulate Eddie Murphy and comment publicly on such a matter just yet. We’ll monitor this story as it develops.