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With Oscar season upon us and his new film, Apocalypto, nominated for a Golden Globe, Mel Gibson sat down for an interview with

In the interview, the actor and director continues to apologize for his amusing, yet scary tequila-inspired roadside rant this summer, in which he made anti-Semitic and sexually abusive remarks to Malibu police.

A Hater of Jews
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The 50-year-old swears he’s now rehabilitated and no longer has anti-Jewish sentiments or visions of “sugar tits” dancing in his head.

“I got a skinful and mouthed off which is not coming from a good place, but I’m moving on from that,” a pensive Mel Gibson said.

“Everybody goofs, everybody screws up, and I tell ya, if you ask everybody in the world to raise their hand if they never said something vicious, something that they regretted or something stupid, there wouldn’t be many people that wouldn’t be able to raise their hands.”

Michael Richards is raising both as we speak.

To his credit, Gibson views that experience “as a gift to me, because it’s made me really sort of scratch my head and focus on a couple of things that I needed to.”

Hey, as Donald Trump and Tara Conner showed us earlier this week, ’tis the season to repent, and to forgive. We’ll never forget the actions that resulted in this awfully smug mug shot, but if Mel is truly sorry, what can we do but move on (while still mocking him on occasion, of course).

Incidentally, Mel had no comment on Carmel Sloane, the Australian woman who just filed a paternity suit against him and claims he’s her dad. Hey, the guy can only touch upon so many touchy subjects in one interview!