Katie Rees is Sorry She was Caught Being So Nude

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Katie Rees may not have been thinking ahead a few years ago when certain racy pictures were taken - but she's trying to get ahead of a PR nightmare now.

The former Miss Nevada is apologizing for racy pictures of her that circulated on the Web â€" and cost her to be stripped of her precious crown.

In a press conference held Saturday Rees said:

"These images were from an isolated incident during my teenage years, long before my consideration to compete in the Miss USA program. While I take full responsibility for the photographs .. This incident does not reflect who I am or who I plan to be."

Wait, it doesn't? Nevermind then. Don't call us. But Katie Blair, we're still waiting by the phone for you.

Rees went on to say she hopes her experience will serve as a cautionary tale to other young women.

"Please don't let your guard down when it comes to being photographed," she said. "As you can see, just one mistake can have great consequences."

Like current Miss USA Tara Conner, who was nearly removed from her crown earlier this week, Rees is hoping for a second chance.

It's all up to Donald Trump at this point, of course. He may not be feeling too sympathetic, however, after insulting every conceivable aspect of arguing with Rosie O'Donnell all week.

In the meantime, Rees has been replaced by first runner-up Helen Salas.

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