George Clooney Teams with George Bush to Aid Katrina Victims

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They make the pairing of Nick Lachey and Bruce Springstein look normal.

But that doesn't mean George Clooney and former President George Bush can't band together for an important, charitable cause.

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The pair made an appearance Thursday on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss their efforts to rebuild an emergency care hospital in Louisiana after it had been destroyed in Hurricane Rita.

"I thought we could add a little spice to this event, and, boy, was I right," the former chief executive told GMA's Diane Sawyer, as People's Sexiest Man Alive sat at his side.

The first President Bush also displayed a sense of humor, telling the actor/ladies man: "Don't ask about Barbara."

Bush then said he was "too old" to ask Clooney "about Britney Spears." (Not that he has to; he can just visit The Hollywood Gossip every day for the latest of the commando queen.)

On Wednesday, Bush - who had been personally asked by Clooney to participate in the reconstruction effort - presented local Louisiana officials with a $2 million donation from the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund that will pay for operating expenses once South Cameron Memorial Hospital is rebuilt next year.

Clooney, managing to refer to his former role as Dr. Doug Ross on ER, told the appreciative crowd:

"There is good news in all of this, which is that when the hospital gets up and running, I will not be doing any of the medical procedures."

Neither will the newest doc on Grey's Anatomy, Eric Dane.

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