Women Love George Clooney

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We know. This ranks right up there with Brooke Hogan has no talent.

Or Sara Evans shouldn't order Cinemax in her next marriage.

Gorgeous George

But it's still worth reporting that George Clooney and the women who love him showed up for the American Cinematheque's tribute to the 45-year-old actor at the Beverly Hilton hotel Friday night.

What did Clooney's leading ladies have to say about him? According to the New York Daily News:

Ocean's 13 costar Ellen Barkin announced
"Yes, I have fâ€" George Clooney. I always heard that George has amazing chemistry with all of his co-stars. Now I see why. … I'm probably the only one of many actresses to stand up here and admit yes, I have fâ€" George Clooney. I'm very proud of it actually ... If you don't have chemistry with George Clooney, you need to check your pulse."

Julia Roberts:
"Before I met my husband, you were the best man I ever met. … You're cute and funny and you do wacky things with shaving cream and Neosporin."

Before anyone could conjure a picture of George lathering Julia up, she added, "I don't mean that in a sexy way."

Salma Hayek:
"Girls, he's the best friend you can have. But he'd make a lousy boyfriend." She added: "For a non-Mexican, he makes the best shrimp quesadillas I have had."

Clooney's response?
"I do have regrets in my life. I regret that Michelle Pfeiffer was married when we did One Fine Day. And that Julia and Catherine Zeta-Jones were married, too.

Also Matt Damon, but that's a different story. I'd like a crack at him."


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