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It’s come down to this. A lifetime of blood, sweat, tears and pranks on Mr. Belding have taken Mario Lopez to the top of the dancing world. Almost.

First, Slater has to conquer NFL legend Emmitt Smith in the finale of Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Friends of A.C from Bayside High recently commented on their fellow alum’s chances of doing so:

Lark Voorhies in Pink Dress
Photo via Guillermo Proano/

Jesse Spano: I’m so excited for Slater! I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so … scared.

Zach Morris: Slater’s been training for this the last 15 years. After our fight first day of senior year, he said his one regret was that I wasn’t Emmitt Smith.

Now, I understand why.

Screech Powers: Slater winning will be the best thing that happened to our high school class since my sex tape was released.

Not that I had anything to do with that. I’ve never even met David Hans Schmidt.

Lisa Turtle: Do you like my new top? It’s from the Justin Timberlake clothing line.

Anyway, I think Smith will win. But that’s just one token black girl’s support for a brother.

Kelly Kapowski: I was really hot before gaining a few pounds during Beverly Hills, 90210 and then falling off the face of the eart. Gooooo, Slater!

Mr. Belding: Mrs. B and I love watching that Karina Smirnoff.