Prince to Play Private Gig, Maybe Take Over Club in Vegas

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Rocker Prince is apparently playing an invitation only, private event at Club Rio tonight in Las Vegas -- marking the start of his taking up residence at the hotel as a permanent performer.

Rumor (not Rumer -- will that ever get old?) has it that Prince may be out to take over Club Rio (located inside the Rio hotel) and re-name it 3121, the same name given to his last album.

Prince and Girlfriend

Nothing official has been announced, but sources tell us that renovations have been done to the club in less than a week's time to prepare for tonight's festivities. We know he's been really busy, but hopefully, K-Fed can make it. Mofo loves Vegas!

The club's normal days of operation are Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- so opening up on a Tuesday might be a way for the club to host the concert on the down low. As if Prince has ever done anything normal, or on the down low, so to speak.

You know what would be great? If the Pussycat Dolls opened. Maybe not what Prince is going for, but the crowd would love it. And by the crowd we mean T.H. Gossip. THG + PCD 4-eva!