Photo Finish: Naughty Sienna Miller vs. Nice Katharine McPhee

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Saint Nick. The man knows who's naughty and who's nice. It's apparent, however, that he treats each with equal affection.

Take Sienna Miller (please, Jude Law would insist). The actress isn't exactly known for her benevolent ways, yet there she is with a jolly, welcoming Santa. You gotta hand it to the guy and his forgiving heart.

Katharine McPhee Bikini Pic

We're sure it was much easier for Mrs. Claus' husband to wear a smile for Katharine McPhee. The American Idol runner-up (right) caught up with the Christmas icon before he took off for a practice sleigh run last week.

As loving as Santa Claus appears to be, though, we wonder if he has anything in his sack this holiday season for Michael Richards. We're guessing it won't be anything but coal.

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