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While several media outlets claim that Nicole Richie has finally gained a few pounds, T.H. Gossip wonders what exactly those armchair pundits have been smoking.

Seriously, she still looks like skin and bones. Check out this pic. Ick! Anyone who claims Nicole has put on weight has clearly been taking bong rips with The Game and Kevin Federline.

While on a shopping trip yesterday in Beverly Hills, a ridiculously heavy shopping bag (which probably contained at least one pair of size -5 pants) looked like it was going to snap Richie’s arm in half. Ouch!

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Hopefully Brody Jenner‘s ex made it to the hospital in time to prevent any ligament damage. Gotta be careful, Nicole — you don’t want to lift anything in your feeble condition!

Seriously. All these actresses with eating disorders should take a cue from the ultimate role model. Britney Spears is looking as hot as ever and there is plenty of meat on those bones. However, she did manage to shed about 180 pounds of excess baggage last week. Oh. Snap.