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Courtney Love is going buck.

We mean naked, not wild. Though perhaps she’ll throw in a little of that, too.

Sources tell T.H. Gossip that Love is baring all for the bi-annual issue of the British fashion magazine Pop. The 42-year-old traveled to Ibiza, Spain, to pose for the publication, which is due out later this month.

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love Photo 3
Photo via Getty Images

In one of the pictures, the singer is shown standing with her legs apart and her breasts fully exposed wearing only “strappy designer panties.” Another shot shows the blonde fully naked with her knees curled up to protect her modesty.

The widow of Kurt Cobain has always declined lucrative offers from men’s magazines to pose nude. But she’s apparently Game for this one. She has stated in the past that she loves her boobs, so it was only a matter of time.

Love boasted to ABC News Radio interviewer Dave Alpert, “How hot do I look?,” showing him an advanced copy of the magazine. “Naked as the day I was born. Isn’t that crazy?”

Yes, yes it is. Good job, Courtney. Not sure how this compares in craziness to that of a nude Mischa Barton on film, but it’s definitely not anywhere close to the humor of a nude Britney Spears adorning a Tokyo subway.

Or, come to think of it pictures of a naked Marcia Cross being discovered and distributed by porn king David Hans Schmidt. That sick f*%k.