Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards: I Dig Richie Sambora

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Charlie Sheen may be growing up. He's helping with charitable causes that sometimes includes drag queens - and also being nice to his ex-wife.

The Two and a Half Men star and Denise Richards were seen playing with their kids together a couple weeks ago. That whole restraining order thing seems like centuries ago. Or at least a few months.

Sheen and Cameramen

"Yeah, we're trying to put all that nonsense aside and do what's right for the children," Sheen told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, "At least I knew the guy she wound up with!"

The actor is talking about Richie Sambora, of course, his former pal and long-time Bon Jovi guitarist. Joking aside, however, Sheen actually stands by Richards' choice of boyfriend following their split.

"To know that there's somebody decent and smart and a good parent that's gonna be around your children, thats a good thing," Stern said.

What a nice, mature, perfect stance. Good to see Charlie growing up. But we hope Lindsay Lohan doesn't join him any time soon in doing so.

We need stuff to write about.

Charlie's entered the dating scene as well, coupling up with sexy brunette Brooke Mueller, though he was tight-lipped about his new flame, saying only, "She's fabulous."


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