Ashley Olsen Goes Blonde [Insert Joke Here]

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Okay, so it turns out it was actually Mary-Kate Olsen that used to get freaky with David Katzenberg, the current boy-toy of hotel heiress Nicky Hilton.

This story is definitely about Ashley Olsen, however. She's got a new look, one her hairdresser calls "Bottle-Blonde Floozy."

Ashley Olsen Elle Cover

THG NOTE: Her hairdresser never said that. That was T.H. Gossip.

In any case, peep it below. See which you like better. Here's a comparison of the lesser-known but significantly more-liked member of the legendary Olsen Twins, before and after the tramp treatment. She really got the works!


For us, it's hard to decide which we prefer. We love us some Mary-Kate and Ashley however we can get them... unlike Ashlee Simpson, a star that we only like blonde (and rolled up in a carpet and tossed off a bridge).

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