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You have to love a story like this. Not only is she in the dark in the figurative sense, as she is thoroughly devoid of brain cells, but the electricity in Anna Nicole Smith‘s house has actually been shut off.

Sorry, we’re still not over it.

Apparently Anna Nicole has lost her appeal (again, literally, not in terms of her sexiness or other redeeming qualities) and the power company that has left her in the dark is content to keep it that way. And God bless them for it.

As first reported Monday by TMZ, Ben Thompson, Anna’s former fling who owns the home where she’s living, turned off the power after Anna and her huge breasts refused to pay for staying there. Smith’s lawyers proceeded to go ape$h!t and the power company quickly gave her a reprieve.

But Ben meant business and the lights are now officially off.

The mother of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is still inside the house, which ironically has worked to her benefit. The police showed up yesterday to serve her with a second eviction notice — and couldn’t get in because the electric gate wouldn’t budge!

You know what they say: Every dark cloud has its silver lining. And you know what else they say: Every love triangle with Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern has its bastard love child and coincides with the death of the woman’s 20-year-old son.