Studio 60 on The Hollywood Gossip Strip: An Interview with Nate Corddry

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Nate Corddry began his career as a correspondent on The
Daily Show

As Stephen Colbert can attest to, that's not a bad launching pad. Corddry has used it to star in the NBC series, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He also has multiple movies in the works, but still found time to sit with Us Weekly for an interivew.

Q: How does a real sketch comedy show compare to a scripted one? You've been on both sides of the coin at The Daily Show and now Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
NC: The main difference obviously is working with a script. With The Daily Show there really is no script, just a list of questions you're asking your subject. Basically, it's improvised. And now, I have Aaron Sorkin's scripts in front of me every day, and you can't deviate from the script in any way. It feels like being the new kid in school.

Q: You worked with your brother, Rob Corddry, on The Daily Show. Was it fun or competitive working together?
NC: Doing the "Brother vs. Brother" sketch together was the easiest and best five minutes I had on The Daily Show. I never felt more comfortable going out on stage with someone in my life because I knew if I could talk to anyone, it's my brother. I come from a very funny family. That's how you cut your teeth, at the dinner table. We would just tear people apart.

Q: What was Jon Stewart like as a boss?
NC: He was great. He was exactly like you'd think he'd be, a very sweet guy, and hilariously funny, but also a boss. He's the boss and we're the employees. He was very intimidating in that way. You'd come in with a piece and you'd have to show it to Jon. Those screenings were brutal, terrible. The confidence goes out the window when you show up at a screening and Jon Stewart isn't laughing at what you're doing.

Q: Jon Stewart for president '08. Thoughts?
NC: That's the worst idea I've heard in my life! Just because there's a movie with Robin Williams as a comedian who ends up running for president doesn't mean we should do it. We shouldn't copy the movies.

Q: Are you political?
NC: I'm not political, but I am interested in politics. In the last three or four years, I've gotten into the habit of reading The New York Times every day. But I don't scream about things. I've actually adopted Brad Pitt, though. He's adorable.

Q: Tell us about your Studio 60 character, Tom Jeter. What do you have in common with him?
NC: We look exactly alike! But I'm not a comedian. My mind doesn't work that way. I'm personally more confident. He's intimidated in his environment. Tom's confident in his work, but not necessarily in himself. I like pretty girls, and I'm a better lover.

Q: Studio 60 has a great cast. How is it working with Matthew Perry?
NC: I've actually never met him. I'm not allowed. When I do scenes with Matthew they bring in an animatronic Matthew Perry for me to do them with. He's very life-like.

: You have two movies coming out next year: The Nanny Diaries with Scarlett Johansson and The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Why are you only making chick flicks?
NC: I'm just trying to meet girls!


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