Oprah Forces Charitable Donations on Her Audience

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Not that this is a bad thing. It's a very good thing, in fact. But we wouldn't be surprised if a few fans weren't hoping for another car giveaway from Oprah Winfrey instead.

The talk show host has presented her audience with new vehicles, paid down their debts and granted wishes on her Wildest Dreams Tour. This latest act, however, was deemed the goddess' "favorite giveaway ever."

Goodbye, Oprah Winfrey

On Monday's show, Winfrey gave more than 300 audience members $1,000 debit cards to donate to charity, the Associated Press reports. She called her present the "gift of giving back" and we can only imagine how proud Brangelina must be of such an action.

"I can honestly say that every gift I've ever given has brought at least as much happiness to me as it has to the person I've given it to," said Oprah. "That's the feeling I want to pass on to you."

Fortunately, Heather Mills was not in the audience to steal all the cards and accuse Winfrey of assault.

People can give the entire sum to one person (no relatives or Hilton sisters allowed) or they can divide it among various charitable causes. Audience members also received a DVD recorder to tape their stories for a future show.

"You're going to open your hearts, you're going to be really creative, and you're going to spend it all at once on one stranger or spend a dollar on every person," Winfrey said. "Imagine the love and kindness you can spread with $1,000."

Or all the nude Marcia Cross pictures you could buy.


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