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At least she mixed it up this time and simply flipped off the camera while screaming at its operator, rather than hocking a loogie in his face.

Look, Avril Lavigne. You’re not hard. No one likes you. Whenever we see pictures of you or hear your awful songs, we want to slit our wrists. But then no one would be around to expose you as the hack you are. So we reluctantly go on living.

Avril Lavigne is Pure Gothic-Chic

Sorry, but when a celebrity spits on photographers outside a nightclub two nights in a row, and their husband joins in the following night, and she continues to act like a mean drunken fool thereafter, there is little she can do to save her public image.

Not unlike when a celebrity gets so high and mighty about their “religion” that they start bashing others’ psychological problems. Yeah Tom Cruise, we are calling you out. Or when a celeb gets busted for DUI and launches into anti-Semitic tirades. Sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be about Mel Gibson. For once.